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I help women transform their relationships

 STARTING WITH the one with themselves.

I can help you to:

  • Show up with confidence and purpose.

  • Find massive self-love.

  • Establish deeper & healthier connections.

  • Build strong and fulfilliling relationships.

Liliana Knowlton Coaching

West Des Moines

together we can create unstoppable results.

Client testimonials

"Liliana is not only a professional Coach, but she's also warm, caring, insightful fun, and she's an incredible listener.

She makes you feel secure and comfortable sharing your story and what's on your mind.

Working with her has given me the courage to follow my dreams and accomplish my goals." 

-Diana Amezcua. Los Angeles, CA

"Liliana created such a loving and compassionate space for me to explore my authentic self. She is a great listener and puts thought into offering innovative ideas that helped me with self-confidence. 

I'm left a little lighter, and loved after every session.

-Meredith Maynard. Lakewood, OH

The 2-day workshop was compelling for me.  Liliana - your workshop finally allowed me to see the "reason" behind the things that may have happened and accept them as what I needed to become a better version of myself. 

I finally let myself take in love from others.  I could ultimately tell that there was a change in me after the first day.

Thank you so much for your work and guidance,

it was VERY worth it, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life!

-Marni Kelso. Des Moines, IA

"Liliana's enthusiasm and positive energy are evident; she made it easy for me to identify and define my limiting beliefs.

She is highly skilled & engaging.

Working with her has changed my entire outlook on life and it shows in every one of my close relationships, especially the one with my husband and kids.

-Karma Lewis. Huntsville, AL

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